How Did The Squirrel Get Inside

Find Out How The Squirrel is Getting Inside

You may hear noises in your attic. You will know it is a squirrel if the creature is very active during the day. The squirrel is naturally active during daytime hours. If you hear scurry sounds and scampering sound in the day hours, you most likely have a squirrel residing in your attic. It is important to know that every squirrel does have a hole in which they can enter into your residence or building. It is a good idea to determine how a squirrel is getting into a building. Keep in mind that a squirrel is a very good climber. The squirrel may have a hole that allows them into your attic. There might be an unsealed entry point that is enabling a squirrel to live in your attic.

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The Chimney and the Squirrel

The attic is not the only hot spot for the friendly squirrel. Many squirrels enjoy getting into your chimney. This is a dangerous space for squirrels. If you do have a squirrel scampering in your chimney, it is important to know that if you open the damper to release the smoke out, a squirrel will enter into the fireplace. Do not start a fire because the squirrel will not climb out. It may interest you to know that Houston squirrel removal companies use odor deterrents may be effective in a concentrated area.